TRANSITIONS   The best visual definition of transition, for me, is the butterfly.  Think about it…The butterfly begins as an egg, then becomes a caterpillar, then a chrysalis, and finally, an adult butterfly!  All of this takes place in twenty-eight to thirty days.  As humans, some of our life transitionsContinue Reading

Letting Go:   Volumes have been written on the topic of letting go of unhealthy habits, negative experiences, toxic relationships, judgement, guilt, etc.  I’ve learned practiced, and taught techniques for letting go of the negative situations that may come up in life.  Today, however, I am inspired to write about lettingContinue Reading

Observations -VS- Assumptions:   Today’s post was inspired by a brief, fun, exchange with my Cowboy over a peach in our fridge.  I love peaches, but often I have purchased them when they looked, smelled, and felt just right only to discover they were not juicy and were tasteless.  Last week,Continue Reading

Setting Intentions For The New Year:   The word “intention” resonates with me more than the word “resolution”.  I suppose it’s because I think of resolutions as a sort of promise made in a celebratory moment then released soon  after action is required.  I’m sure that isn’t true for everyone—just myContinue Reading

Making Peace With Current Reality:   Reality as we have known it has changed in many ways for each of us.  Some aspects of this new reality are merely uncomfortable, unpleasant, or inconvenient.  Some households are experiencing uncertainty, due to loss of income.  Still others are lonely, because they are isolatedContinue Reading

The following post is from the chapter titled “Gratitude” in my book,”Love Your Life And Expect The Best”:     The title I chose for this book is the short version of my definition of gratitude: “Love Your Life and Expect the Best”.  You may be wondering how a person canContinue Reading