Value In Aging

When we are thirty, we have no idea how soon we will be fifty.  Many of us were busy raising children and building careers.  Some, like myself, left a career in our forties that we had spent twenty years building and started building a completely new and different career.  If you, like I, loved your career or careers, time flew by, and the next thing we knew, we were in our sixties.  I had developed interests and discovered talents while still building my second career.  These are interests I can engage in as long as I want.  The truth is, though, whether you have or have not discovered and developed your anointed gifts, it is never too late!

The societal standard, unfortunately, often is “youth=positive, and aged=negative”.  The fact is, of course, there is value in both.  Today, however, we are addressing the value of aging.  For generations, we have heard the elders blaming the “youngers” for discarding or ignoring the aging generation.  While I don’t deny there are some young people who don’t see or even look for the value in those of us who have been on the planet several decades, there are many who do.  I think a bigger issue is that many elders think of themselves as invaluable.  Or, our bodies are aging and all we have to talk about is! our aches and pains.  My theory is, if you stay on the planet long enough, it’s likely you will experience some aches and pains and perhaps  something more physically challenging.  I have found that a good attitude and loads of gratitude for all my body has allowed and still allows me to do go a long way toward improving my quality of life.

I love the fact that “I know things”.  That’s called wisdom!  It takes time to cultivate and gain wisdom.  I also love knowing God has loved me enough to help me learn the hard lessons from some of my choices.  And, then, taught me to make wiser choices.  I’m still learning to use my anointed gifts.  I hope you are, too!  There truly is value in aging.



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