A New Year And New Beginnings

I realize we are already nearly a month into the second quarter of the “actual” new year.  But, for me, it seems like my new year began on April 16th.  That’s the day our new home was finally completed, and we moved in last year.  As with any move or big change in life, there was a lot of busyness the first month or so.  There was the seemingly endless unpacking and putting away of “things”.  It was fun finding new places for old things and buying a few new things to complement the old ones.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  Then, June came, and with it I lost one of my dear brothers, immediately followed by three months of critical care for my husband through his sudden onset of Covid.  Every day, I reminded myself that there was hope, that God was in the middle of all that was happening, and that answers were on the way.  I trusted the process, even when it was difficult, and I did my best to make the next, right choice.

You see, by not looking too far ahead, or being locked into the outcome, I was able to stay focused in the moment.  The moment we are in is all we can be certain of, and the decisions we make in this moment can be life altering.  There were so many miracles involved in my husband’s healing, and we are truly grateful.  We learned so much about the depth, strength, and commitment of our love for each other.  Our new home is lovely, but we know that wherever we are together, is home.  I still miss my brother, and some memories make me smile, while others may bring a tear to my eye, but my love for him has left a lasting imprint on my heart.

So, this April begins a new year filled with new opportunities.  Whatever they may be, I will accept them one day at a time, making my next right choice one moment at a time.  The truth is, we don’t have to wait for January to roll around to begin a new year.  “Now” is always a good time for new beginnings!



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