There are basically two types of life changes—those we plan, and those we do not.  How we respond to change is important in creating our peace and the quality of life we desire.  I am inspired to write about this topic, because I have experienced, in the last two months, both a very big planned change and an unplanned change.  Knowing my power to create is in the present moment has helped immensely with my response to each of these different life changes.

The planned change was the decision to sell our lovely, little farm and build a new home on less acreage.  Of course, I had been setting this up through affirmations, prayer, and scripting in my journal for some time.  When prayers are answered, change can happen quickly.  We found the home we wanted to build and the lot we wanted to build on.  We listed our property, and in a week received a full price, cash offer.  We had a lot to handle in the month before our closing—packing, moving, storing, finding an apartment to live in while our home is being built, as well as sorting and releasing items that no longer served us, but could be of use to others.  This process was bitter sweet.  While we were excited about building our new home, we had loved our beautiful, little farm and all the wonderful memories we had built over the seventeen years of our marriage.  Throughout the packing process, we responded to this change by reminiscing over and expressing gratitude for the blessing our home had been to us and to those friends and family who had visited.  We were able to accept this change with grateful hearts.

The unplanned change, was the passing of my dear friend, teacher, and mentor, Reverend Doctor Joyce Rennolds.  Joyce had been a powerful influence in my life personally and professionally for twenty five years.  To say I owe her a debt of gratitude, is an understatement.  Joyce passed away on May 19th, 2021 when we were in the middle of the selling/moving process.  I was facing two very different changes in my life at the same time.  Many years ago, I learned from Joyce that my point of power is always in the present moment, and the outcome of every situation is determined by the choice we make in that moment to react or respond.  I knew I would miss Joyce’s physical presence in my life—our monthly lunches, great conversations, her wisdom, and her humor.  Then, in a God inspired moment, I knew I would forever feel her spiritual presence.  Joyce embodied love, joy, wisdom, and grace, and she shared all of these with everyone she met.   I have allowed this change, too, to fill my heart with gratitude.

Reaction often comes from a place of ego and usually does not allow us to move forward or feel grateful.  Responding, I believe, is spirit lead and helps us find our way to gratitude.


Coach M

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