Do You Have A Positive Image Of The Future…Of Your Future?

Do You Have A Positive Image Of The Future…Of Your Future?:  

I have asked this question of myself a few times over the past year, and it has, clearly, helped me get back on track when I may have felt a bit derailed.  There has been an overwhelming amount of negativity the last twelve months, but we do not have to own it!  And, not owning negativity is different than denying it exists.  If we allow it, anger and fear will destroy our peace and hope for an abundant future.  I feel healthier, happier, and even more attractive inside and out when I am hopeful about my future.  When we maintain  a positive image of our future, we instinctively think those thoughts and take those actions now that create the future we are hoping for.

No matter what is going on in the world around us, we can turn our focus toward what is happening in our immediate world and be grateful for something.  I find, this allows me to embrace my future with great expectation.  Because I know my thoughts and words are always creating, I think and speak positively.  I reject negativity–my own as well as others’.  I leave the past where it belongs.  I think, speak, and act positively in the present.  And, I create and embrace a positive image of my future.  Then, I know I am co-creating, with God, all the abundance I am hoping for.

If the events of the past year have left you feeling like life has been derailed, change your thoughts, words, and attitude.  Find gratitude in something every day, and embrace a positive image of your future.


Coach M

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