The Importance of Broadening Our Horizons

The Importance Of Broadening Our Horizons:  

So, just what does it mean to “broaden your horizon?”  Maybe you’ve heard it referred to as expanding your thinking.  Or, stepping our of your comfort zone.”  I think the first two have more in common with each other than the last.  I say this, because we have all been required to step out of our comfort zones in a number of ways this year.  We haven’t necessarily broadened our horizons, though.  Life goals are still important, even now, when how, and where we do things are being restricted.  We can still stretch our minds, expand our thinking, and discover ways to take another step toward the life goals that are so important to us.

When we broaden our horizons, we allow ourselves to see the big picture of a goal.  That creates excitement for us around the goal.  The next step is action.  If we don’t take action, the goal is in danger of becoming a fantasy that has no chance of becoming a reality.  We must take that first action step.  When we do, we are moving closer to the goal on our horizon.  The good news is that this first step doesn’t have to be big or difficult.  With each succeeding step, our excitement builds, and we become more confident.  We find we have the courage to make more challenging choices—choices that will help us grow.  If we listen to our intuition, we will avoid over thinking our choices.  Remember, we want to say “yes” to each opportunity that will move us closer to our goal.  Pay attention to each person and opportunity crossing your path.  They all play a part in this journey.  Try not to label them as good or bad.  They are opportunities to learn, teach, and grow.

If broadening your horizon seems to scare you, release that fear and replace it with excitement that you’re trying something new, something you’ve never done before, something challenging.  If it goes a little sideways, don’t pout or judge yourself.  Look for the lesson in the process.  Release the fear, and promise yourself you will still step into new challenges tomorrow, because the goal on your horizon is THAT important to you.

Our point of power to make choices and change our lives is always in the present moment.  You can use that power to expand your thinking and manifest an abundant life.  Our challenge, right now, is to find new methods of achieving our goals.  So, don’t narrow your thinking to fit the present circumstances.  To use a well worn phrase, “think outside the box.”  Accept the challenge!  Expand your thinking, and keep making choices that move you closer to your life goals.


Coach M

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