The Importance of a Sanctuary Space

The Importance Of A Sanctuary Space:  

When I was a young girl, there was a particular spot in the woods, not far from our home, I would often go to sit, pray, and daydream of what my future would look like.  Sadly, we wouldn’t advise young girls to do this now.  But, in the 1960s, I guess it didn’t seem as threatening.  I would sit in the same spot, where the sunlight filtered through the trees like a magical, golden beam—narrow at the top of the trees where it entered the forest and wider as it came to rest on the ground all around me.  My mind and spirit seemed to expand, and I felt a great sense of peace.  It was exhilarating and relaxing all at the same time.  It was my sanctuary space.

It has always been important for me to find or create this special space of peace in or near each of my homes.  We are blessed to live on a property that was once a small horse farm.  My Cowboy Tom enjoys maintaining the original horse farm look of the property, so I have a beautiful, peaceful view from every room in our home.  To be honest, our entire home feels like a sanctuary space to me, but there is one spot in particular that opens my heart, mind, and spirit.  That spot is our little dining room, or as I call it, my “Tea Room”.  This room is filled with teacups and saucers I have collected over time.  Most are old and had previous owners.  They each have a history.  I don’t know their history, in  most cases, but I know they are survivors, and I like that.  We added a large picture window to this small room when we moved in.  It looks out on the woods and our vine covered back yard with a cobblestone walk where dozens of birds come to eat from the birdfeeders and make their homes in the many birdhouses made by my Cowboy.  I can also see our cedar barn, red horse barn, and fenced front pasture where large families of deer stop by two or three times a day to graze.  Thoughts, prayers, inspiration, and peace come to me with such ease and grace when I am in this very special space.  I am both grounded and uplifted all at once.

Life can get busy or seem uncertain.  It’s good to have our own special space, sanctuary, prayer room, or quiet place we can enter, speak release over situations or relationships that need resolving and allow our minds, hearts and spirits to be renewed.

Where is your sanctuary space?  If you don’t have one, now might be the perfect time to create or find that perfect, peaceful place.  It may be indoors or out and should be available for you to go to with ease.  While I love the ocean and feel great peace listening to the waves, it’s five hours away from me, and I need peaceful renewal each day.  Once or twice a year is not enough.  I have a friend whose space is a prayer closet in her bedroom.  My sister calls hers the quiet room.  I believe Cowboy Tom’s  is outside as he cares for our property, or in his shop as he builds and repairs birdhouses and benches.  Perhaps, while reading this post, you have realized you know where your sanctuary space is.  I hope you will enter it often, allowing your mind, heart, and spirit to be renewed.


Coach M

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