Why Energy Matters

Why Energy Matters:  

Let’s talk about energy–human energy, that is.  We all generate and receive it.  It’s what moves us forward in a positive direction, attracting and creating the lives we love, or holds us back in a place of negativity.  Here is an important fact to remember; the choice is ours.  Everything we choose, including where and how we live, the work we do, the entertainment we indulge in, the TV programming we watch, and the people we share our time with, all determine our quality of energy.

While it’s true that there is plenty of negative energy in the world right now, we determine how much of our precious time and thought we are willing to allocate toward negative thought, people, and actions.  Our thoughts are powerful tools in attracting and creating our lives.  The good news is, there are still a lot of positive sources of energy available.

If we set our intentions each day to pay attention to thoughts, words, and actions, we will see their direct correlation to the quality of our lives.  When we focus on what brings us joy and peace in our work, relationships, and faith, positive energy is created.  It’s hard for doubt and negativity to creep in where a positive attitude and confidence exist.

We have probably all known people who will see the impossibility of a situation before even considering the possibility.  They plant their garden of life with seeds of negativity, and if we spend too much time with them, we may find their negative weeds encroaching on our life’s garden.  We cannot choose a positive attitude for another, but we owe it to ourselves to maintain our own.  Some of the people we live or work with may be choosing to live negative lives.  When this happens, it’s important that we affirm we are unaffected by their low energy and see ourselves claiming our own positive attitude.

Our positive energy will lift us up and help us through difficulties we may encounter.  Let’s face it, there are some tough situations and choices in life.  If we are accustomed to setting positive intentions, we are better equipped to make our best choices and believe in our ability to walk through a troublesome time.

Everything has energy.  You have energy, I do, our homes do–everything has.  I remember walking into what has now been our home for sixteen years, for the first time.  It looked nothing like the style and decor either of us would be drawn to, but we knew we were “home”.  We could feel that this home had been loved, and that the family who had occupied it for the previous nineteen years had created a loving energy.

We all are equipped with intuition.  The world has become so full of “busyness” that we have to be intentional about listening to our intuition, and when we do, we will pick up on not only the energy of other people, but that of our surroundings.  I’m sure you have said or heard someone else say, “I had a hunch that…”, or “I could sense that…”, or “that place gives me the creeps…”.  Energy is very real, and along with intention, hope, action and faith can help us build the lives we desire.


Coach M

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