Welcome to Wisdom Style and Grace!

Welcome To Wisdom Style And Grace:  

As a Baby Boomer on the tail end of my sixties, I chose this title for my blog because I have had the time and experience to accumulate a bit of each of these—wisdom, style, and grace.  I know there are many of my Boomer sisters who feel the same.  Actually, I must be honest, the title chose me!  After dozens of attempts to come up with a name for my blog, only to learn they were taken, I took a break.  I made a cup of my favorite tea, (Stash, Earl Gray, Double Bergamot), picked up a magazine, and began reading an article I had earmarked for my “spare time”.  Three words resonated with me as I read.  You guessed it…wisdom, style, and grace.  While longer than all the others, I knew this was it!  I also knew it would be available, and of course it was.  I love divine inspiration.  It always shows up at the perfect time.

There are so many topics we can explore in each of these categories.  Some topics will make us think, some will invite peace and gratitude, and I hope others challenge us or make us laugh.  This is a friendly forum, so I hope you will join the conversations.  We all have something to share and more to learn.  Let me know if there is a particular topic you would like discussed or an area of life you could use encouragement.  Our opinions may be different on one topic or another, but I know we will always honor and respect each other.

This blog has been one of my goals for some time.  I have affirmed that it would manifest at the perfect time, and that time is now!  What are your  goals?  Small or big, goals help keep us focused and balanced.  Whether we are sixty or ninety, we have wisdom to share, can develop our own style, and live our lives with grace.



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