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Hi! I am Marlene Svoboda!

Marlene Fuller Svoboda is a personal and professional life coach, ordained interfaith minister, author, and blogger. Marlene has enjoyed three full careers and is excited to know God is still manifesting new opportunities in her life. Her passion is helping others discover their talents and to unleash their own powerful potential for success in every area of their lives.

Marlene lives with her husband, Tom, and their two cats, Libby and Olivia, on their mini farm in Suwanee, Georgia.



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Letting Go

Letting Go:   Volumes have been written on the topic of letting go of unhealthy habits, negative experiences, toxic relationships, judgement, guilt, etc.  I’ve learned practiced, and taught techniques for letting go of the negative situations that may come up in life.  Today, however, I am inspired to write about letting

Do You Have A Positive Image Of The Future…Of Your Future?

Do You Have A Positive Image Of The Future…Of Your Future?:   I have asked this question of myself a few times over the past year, and it has, clearly, helped me get back on track when I may have felt a bit derailed.  There has been an overwhelming amount of

Observations vs Assumptions

Observations -VS- Assumptions:   Today’s post was inspired by a brief, fun, exchange with my Cowboy over a peach in our fridge.  I love peaches, but often I have purchased them when they looked, smelled, and felt just right only to discover they were not juicy and were tasteless.  Last week,