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Hi! I am Marlene Svoboda!

Marlene Fuller Svoboda is a personal and professional life coach, ordained interfaith minister, author, and blogger. Marlene has enjoyed three full careers and is excited to know God is still manifesting new opportunities in her life. Her passion is helping others discover their talents and to unleash their own powerful potential for success in every area of their lives.

Marlene lives with her husband, Tom, and their two cats, Libby and Olivia, on their mini farm in Suwanee, Georgia.



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Setting Intentions For The New Year

The word “intention” resonates with me more than the word “resolution”.  I suppose it’s because I think of resolutions as a sort of promise made in a celebratory moment then released soon  after action is required.  I’m sure that isn’t true for everyone—just my point of view.  Intention, on the

Self Care—Why It’s Important

Are you someone who enjoys serving or nurturing others?  If so, then that is something we have in common.  In years past, I have been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning preparing a variety of tasty dishes and desserts and setting festive tables for fifteen

Making Peace With Current Reality

Reality as we have known it has changed in many ways for each of us.  Some aspects of this new reality are merely uncomfortable, unpleasant, or inconvenient.  Some households are experiencing uncertainty, due to loss of income.  Still others are lonely, because they are isolated from the company of family