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Hi! I am Marlene Svoboda!

Marlene Fuller Svoboda is a personal and professional life coach, ordained interfaith minister, author, and blogger. Marlene has enjoyed three full careers and is excited to know God is still manifesting new opportunities in her life. Her passion is helping others discover their talents and to unleash their own powerful potential for success in every area of their lives.

Marlene lives with her husband, Tom, and their two cats, Libby and Olivia, in Hoschton, Georgia.



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Value In Aging

When we are thirty, we have no idea how soon we will be fifty.  Many of us were busy raising children and building careers.  Some, like myself, left a career in our forties that we had spent twenty years building and started building a completely new and different career.  If

A New Year And New Beginnings

I realize we are already nearly a month into the second quarter of the “actual” new year.  But, for me, it seems like my new year began on April 16th.  That’s the day our new home was finally completed, and we moved in last year.  As with any move or


TRANSITIONS   The best visual definition of transition, for me, is the butterfly.  Think about it…The butterfly begins as an egg, then becomes a caterpillar, then a chrysalis, and finally, an adult butterfly!  All of this takes place in twenty-eight to thirty days.  As humans, some of our life transitions